The information for tourists


You can receive the tourist visa in any Embassy of Kyrgyzstan or the Consular department under the preliminary invitation.
Cost of the Visa varies, and in the different countries costs differently.
You can receive the visa in the Russian or Kazakh Representation if in your country there is no Representation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The visa can be issued directly after the arrival to Manas airport.

The list of the countries which citizens can receive entrance/exit visa in diplomatic representatives and consular establishments of the Kyrgyz republic abroad, and also in consular agency Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic at airport Manas on the basis of personal application on  month.
Australia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, New Zealand, Finland, France, Republic Korea, Malta, Portugal, Switzerland, the Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, the USA.

The list of the countries concerning which citizens the visa-free mode of entrance to Kyrgyzstan operates:
Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Cuba, Macedonia, Malaysia (within 3 months), Moldova, Mongolia (within 3 months), Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Turkey (within 1 month), Ukraine, Croatia, Czechia, Japan.

Conditions of Registration:

After the arrival in Kyrgyzstan you should be registered within three (3) working days in a department passport and visa registration (OVIR) and specify a place where you have stopped.
You can make it by yourself, or our Company can make it for you, cost of the given service will approximately cost 5 Euro for one person.
The address of OVIR is:  Bishkek city, Kievskaya Street 58.
The OVIR does not work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
If the period of your staying on  Kyrgyzstan territory more than 3 (three) working days without registration you will be fined for the sum of 25 US dollars.


You can arrive to Kyrgyzstan by using of direct flight and arrive to Manas airport in Bishkek or through the airport of Almaty city – Kazakhstan (250 km from Bishkek).

You can use following airlines:

  • Turkish airlines (direct flight up to Bishkek)
  •  The British airlines (direct flight up to Bishkek)
  •  The Kyrgyz airlines (direct flight up to Bishkek)
  • Aeroflot (direct flight up to Bishkek)
  • Lufthansa (flight through Almaty)
  • KLM (flight through Almaty)

Currency exchange

Banknotes 100 and 50 US dollars which were issued before 1996 will be exchanged lower then banknotes which were issued after 1996.You can easily exchange your currency in any exchange bureau. For May, 2006 the dollar exchange rate is 40,43 Soms per 1 US dollar,  Euro is 51,10 Soms per 1 US dollar. Exchange offices are working round the clock.

Public transport/taxis

Bishkek is served by a network of a taxi, buses and trolley buses. The municipal transportation is inexpensive and reliable. In Bishkek it is possible easily and with small expenses to go round all around. The prices for public transport are fluctuating from 3 up to 5 Soms. The cost of a taxi are fluctuating from 60 up to 150 Soms depending on distance. At night the price is rises.
The capital represents concerning small and the structured city so movement on foot or on the car does not represent difficulties. The municipal transportation (minibuses and trolley buses) begins the work from 5:30-6:00 o’clock in the morning up to 21:00-22:30 o’clock in the evening. The taxi can be found in all large cities. Passengers should coordinate payment for travel in advance. Transport with the driver can be rented in travel agencies for all time of travel, on an hourly basis, per day or week. There is a service of a call of a taxi (a call of the machine by phone at any time) Super Taxi, phone – 152.

Help phones:

Railway station: 30 02 09
Road service station: 34 46 96
Help service of the Airport: 903109


The international code of the Kyrgyz Republic is +996. Trunk calls can be made from public telephone booths (usually work as a part of post offices) or from card payphones in streets (are available in the cities of Bishkek, Оsh, Karakol, Naryn). It is possible to call abroad also from hotel, in this case it is necessary to agree from a reception or persons on duty on a floor. Many Internet-cafes offers services of an IP-telephony under the prices much below usual calls. Calls on city are usually free-of-charge, if they are made from home telephone; in hotels for such call can take a small payment. At local calls it is not necessary to type a code of the country.

Street phones:  there are a lot of Street card and monetary phones in Bishkek. The coin calls counter and You can bye it in every news stall. It costs 5 Soms and provides connection only on internal telephone lines. From street card phones (payphones) it is possible to make both internal, and international calls. Cards are issued by face value in 50, 100, 200 and 400 units. Cards of various face values differ among themselves the prices which established by Kyrgyz Telecom.
The central public telephone booth (the Chuy Prospect, 96; Phone.: 661394, 662561;

Working hours: are Monday till Saturday, from 7:00 till, on Sunday and in holidays from 8:00 till 19 00).

  1. Referral service: 160, 109.
  2. First aid – 103
  3. Militia – 102
  4. Fire service – 101
  5. Paid medical service – 151
  6. Service of rescue – 161
  7. Road militia (road accident in Bishkek city) – 53-01-81
  8. Road militia (road accident in Republic) – 63-09-00, 63-09-01
  9. Mountain search and rescue service – 61-13-22

Hotels of Bishkek

In capital and at coast of  Issyk Kul lake there are hotels of various classes. In the city of Bishkek there is only one hotel of a category ***** Hyatt Regency. The great bulk of numerous greater and small hotels have a category ***.

Hotel Cost in US dollars The address Phone
Hyatt ***** 295-595 Bishkek, Sovietskaya  street, 191 66-12-34, fax: 66-57-44
Ak-Keme **** 160-500 Bishkek, Mira Prospect, 93. 54-24-24
Silk Road *** 110-145 Bishkek, Abdymonova street, 229 32-48-89
Dostuk ** 70-120 Bishkek, Frunze street, 429 b. 43-36-36
Issyk Kul ** 60-80 Bishkek, Mira Prospect, 301 55-07-46
Asia Mountains 30-40 Bishkek, Lineynaya street, 1 69-02-35
Jannat ***** 170-620 Bishkek, Aaly Tokombaeva street, 21/2 91-12-10,  90-97-50
Park Hotel 127-280 Bishkek, Orozbekova street, 87 32-54-80
Shumkar – Asia 40-80 Bishkek, Osipenko street, 34 67-10-38

Besides we can give to the clients accommodation in the comfortable, well furnished apartments.

Restaurants of Bishkek:
The price of a dinner depends on a level of what kind of cafe you have decided to visit (from 3 up to 20-30 US dollars).


The name The address Phone
Adriatico (the Italian kitchen) Chuy Prospect, 219 61-46-09
Bombay (the Indian kitchen) Chuy Prospect, 110 62-51-15
Classic (the European kitchen) Manasa Prospect, 49 31-34-47
Yusa (Turkish kitchen) Logvinenko Street, 14 62-38-37
Beijing Dack (the Chinese kitchen) Chuy Prospect, 138 66-03-72
Tokyo (the Japanese kitchen) Bokonbaeva Street, 1 30-21-82


The name The address Phone
American Pub Chuy prospect, 168 31-07-11, 31-07-10
Navigator Moscowskaya Street 30-04-12
The Siberian Crown Chuy Prospect, 186 34-15-71
Steinbrau Gertsina  Street, 5 43-21-44
Time Out Togolok Moldo Street 30-03-63

Foreign embassies:

Embassy The address Phone
Belarus Moscowskaya Street, 210  35-28-35
The Great Britain Almaty 7 (3272) 50-61-91
China Toktogula Street, 196 31-32-18, 32-16-19, a fax: 65-01-08
Indonesia Tashkent 998-(71) 132-02-36
Germany Razzakova Street, 28 90-50-00, 90-50-13
Switzerland Panfilova Street, 114  30-10-36, a  fax: 66-44-89
France Razakova Street, 49 30-07-13, 30-07-11, 30-07-12 – fax
India Ajibek baatyr Street, 15/a 21-78-06
Iran Razzakova Street, 36 62-49-29, fax: 66-02-09
Kazakhstan Mira Prospekt, 95/a  69-20-95
Pakistan Serova  Street, 37 37-39-01
Russia Razzakova Street, 17 62-47-38, 62-47-36, a fax: 62-18-23
Turkey Moscowskaya Street, 89 32-54-27, 32-54-92, a fax: 62-23-64
THE USA Mira Prospect, 171 55-12-41, 55-12-43, a fax: 55-12-64
Uzbekistan Tynystanova Street, 213 66-44-03, 66-20-65, a fax: 66-44-03
Afghanistan Gor’kogo Street, 210 69-01-69
Japan Frunze Street, 503 61-18-75, 54-40-86, a fax: 61-18-82
Tajikistan Karadarinskaja Street, 36 51-16-37, 51-23-43
Italy (consulate) Abdurahmanova street, 175 A 66-17-37, 66-64-63


Embassies of Kyrgyzstan abroad:

The country Phone Fax
Austria (00431) 5350378, 5350379 535037913
Belarus (0037517) 2349117 2341602
Belgium (00322) 6401868, 6403883 6400131
China (008610) 65326459 65326459
Germany (004930) 34781338 34781362
India (009111) 2411-80-08 2411-80-09
Iran (009821) 2283-03-54 2228-17-20
Kazakhstan (0077272) 642212 642211
Malaysia (00603) 21632012, 21649862 21632024
Russia (007095) 951-60-62 951-60-62
Switzerland (04122) 707-92-20 707-92-91
Turkey (0090312) 4468411, 4468408 4468413
Consulate in Istanbul (009021) 2356767 2359293
Tajikistan (00992372) 272008 210843
Turkmenistan (0099312) 355506 355506
The Great Britain and Northern Ireland (0044171)   7935-1462 7935-7449
The USA and Canada (001202) 449-98-26, 449-9832 386-7550
Consulate Dubai (009714) 2733305 2733321
Uzbekistan (0099871) 1374794, 1374292 1374791
Ukraine (0038044) 482-08-89